Compressors and spare parts

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Rotary Air Compressors

We are engaged in offering our clients, a wide range of Rotary Air Compressors that is come-up with DSD units which provide large, low speed, sigma profile and airend (1500 RPM). These are manufactured by M/s Kaeser Compressors India Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of Kaerser Kompressoren, Germany. Our range is assembled with flow-optimized rotors which ensure low energy and maintenance requirements and also delivers distinguished durability standards.


  • For delivering exceptional performance & reliability, rotary screw air-ends are powered by ‘IE3’ rated drive motors.
  • These are assembled with flow-optimized rotors that ensure low energy and maintenance requirements.
  • Come-up with DSD units featured low speed, sigma profile, airend (1500 RPM) and large.
  • Eliminates transmission losses as motor directly drives the air-end
  • These are highly efficient 1:1 drive design associated without gear or V-belt driven systems

To perform precisely as per the actual air demand Internal PC-based “Sigma Control” compressor is installed

  • Energy saver due to reduced idling operation


  • Starting from 12 CFM to 3037 CFM
  • Pressure 3.5 bar to 45 bar
  • Available with KAESER’s Sigma Frequency Control (SFC)
  • Designed to monitor & automatically manage individual compressed air systems
  • Designed to prevent cooling air from being per-warmed
  • Compact, modular designs
  • Equipped with highly effective cooling system
  • To draw cool ambient air through the cooler it uses an innovative radial fan
  • Cooling system precisely tailored to suit dryer performance for significant contribution to energy efficiency.
  • Requires far less floor space than a comparable conventional system.
  • Interfaces provided as standard for quick & easy connection to master control systems as well as data networks
  • Cooling system designed to reduce sound levels
  • Come with high performance DSD rotary screw compressor
  • Enables compressor package to be remotely accessed via modem (Teleservice)
  • Delivers low compressed air discharge temperatures.

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Oil Free Compressors

We are offering our clients, a comprehensive range of Oil Free Compressors that is manufactured by M/s Kaeser Compressors. These are used in Pharmaceutical Industry and are highly appreciated by other industries as well. Our range is designed at par with international quality standards and is demanded by our clients throughout the country.

Salient features of our range are ass follows:

  • Durable
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Reliable
  • Available as per the specifications of the clients
  • Required low maintenance
Compressed Air System With Boosters

An exclusive range of Compressed Air System with Boosters is designed in compliance with international quality standards. These are used in various industries and segments such as Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Food & Beverage, Laboratories, Textile, Packaging and to name a few. Our range of products is highly appreciated by our clients due to its features like durable, corrosion resistant, excellent performance and required low maintenance.
These are also known as Sigma Pet Air which incorporated with the production of high pressure & control air into a right turnkey system.


  • Available with pressure up-to 45 bars.
  • Sigma Pet Air is available in various range that starts from 197 CFM to 1631 CFM
  • Air cooled rotary screw compressor produces the control air & also serves as a pre-compressor for the high blowing air.

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Automatic Drain Valves - Zero Air Loss

We are offering our clients, a comprehensive range of Automatic Drain Valves - zero air loss that confirms to international quality standards. These are used in various segments and industries such as Textile, Petrochemical, Laboratories, Pharmaceutical and Packaging for condensate drainage without air loss. Our range can also work efficiently under unfavorable conditions without air loss with widely fluctuating accumulation and high particle.

Salient features of our range are as follows:

  • Safe
  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • Condensate drainage without air loss.
Filters & Centtifugal Separators

An exclusive range of Micro Filters & Centrifugal Separators are procured from the Kaeser Kompressoren. All the products are tested and certified by the German Technical Inspection Institute (TUV) which confirms quality. Compressed air filters are suitable for compressors and air dryers that ensures exceptional efficiency and compressed air treatment. It consist of:

  • Centrifugal Separators : These are available in various ranges starting from 70 CFM flow rate to 2825.6 CFM and pressure up-to 16 bars, and are used for removal of liquid condensate
  • Micro Filters: These are available in various ranges starting from 20 CFM flow rate to 8760 CFM and pressure up-to 48 bars. Moreover, these are available up to 0.1 micron, 0.001 oil aerosoles and 0.003 oil vapors
  • Sterile Filter : These are used in Food & Beverage Industry and Pharmaceutical Industry for the applications that require bacteria free compressed air


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Air Receiver

We are engaged in offering our clients, a wide range of Air Receiver that is available horizontally and vertically as per the clients requirements. These are manufactured using quality raw material and supplied with internally coated with bituminus/ zinc. Our range is designed in compliance with ASME section VIII division 1 design code. The material of the construction of shell and dish end would be IS 2002 grade 2 or SA 516 grade 60/70.

These are available with the following:

  • Safety valves
  • manual/ auto drain
  • Pressure gauge with syphon
  • Flexible connection for cleaning purpose
Condensate Drains

Condensate is an unavoidable result of air compression. It is a chemically aggressive fluid that mainly consists of water, but also contains oil and dirt particles (e.g. rust). If not reliably drained off at all collection points, it can cause operational disruption and severely damage the compressed air system through corrosion.

Experience has shown that float controlled drains become unreliable over time and that time controlled drains can be a source of considerable air loss.

The electronic level-sensing controlled ECO DRAIN provides the perfect solution.


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