Rotary Air Compressors

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We are engaged in offering our clients, a wide range of Rotary Air Compressors that is come-up with DSD units which provide large, low speed, sigma profile and airend (1500 RPM). These are manufactured by M/s Kaeser Compressors India Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of Kaerser Kompressoren, Germany. Our range is assembled with flow-optimized rotors which ensure low energy and maintenance requirements and also delivers distinguished durability standards.


  • For delivering exceptional performance & reliability, rotary screw air-ends are powered by ‘IE3’ rated drive motors.
  • These are assembled with flow-optimized rotors that ensure low energy and maintenance requirements.
  • Come-up with DSD units featured low speed, sigma profile, airend (1500 RPM) and large.
  • Eliminates transmission losses as motor directly drives the air-end
  • These are highly efficient 1:1 drive design associated without gear or V-belt driven systems

To perform precisely as per the actual air demand Internal PC-based “Sigma Control” compressor is installed

  • Energy saver due to reduced idling operation


  • Starting from 12 CFM to 3037 CFM
  • Pressure 3.5 bar to 45 bar
  • Available with KAESER’s Sigma Frequency Control (SFC)
  • Designed to monitor & automatically manage individual compressed air systems
  • Designed to prevent cooling air from being per-warmed
  • Compact, modular designs
  • Equipped with highly effective cooling system
  • To draw cool ambient air through the cooler it uses an innovative radial fan
  • Cooling system precisely tailored to suit dryer performance for significant contribution to energy efficiency.
  • Requires far less floor space than a comparable conventional system.
  • Interfaces provided as standard for quick & easy connection to master control systems as well as data networks
  • Cooling system designed to reduce sound levels
  • Come with high performance DSD rotary screw compressor
  • Enables compressor package to be remotely accessed via modem (Teleservice)
  • Delivers low compressed air discharge temperatures.

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