Secotec Refrigerant Air Dryer

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We offer our clients, a wide range of Refrigeration Dryers that is made in Germany by Kaeser Kompressoren. These confirm to international quality standards and are highly appreciated by the clients due to its features. Our range is designed in such manner which meets the needs and requirements of the market.

Salient features of our range are given below :

  • Starting from 21 CFM flow rate to 3200 CFM
  • Dew point can be achieved up-to +3 degree Celsius
  • PDP in refrigeration dryer
  • Reduce the power to a zero when there is no load in the plant
  • Available with the compressors as attached to save the space & piping between compressor & dryer

The atmospheric air drawn into a compressor is a mixture of gases that always contains water vapor. However, the amount of water vapour that air can carry varies and is mostly dependent on temperature. As air temperature rises-which occurs during compression-the air's capability to hold moisture increases also. When the air is cooled its capacity to hold moisture reduces, which causes the water vapor to condense. This condensate is then removed in the centrifugal separator, or the air receiver, downstream from the compressor. Even then, the air can still be completely saturated with water vapor. This is why, as the air cools further, significant amounts of condensate can accumulate in the air distribution piping and at take-off points.

System failure, production downtime and costly service and repair work are therefore unavoidable without additional air drying. Refrigeration dryers usually offer the most efficient solution for the majority of compressed air applications. Compressed air-drying is now made even more cost-effective with KAESER’s advanced SECOTEC® systems.

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